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TwitSwatch Live Wallpaper


TwitSwatch has arrived! A stylish live wallpaper twitter experience for your Android device where you're in control of what information you want to receive. Integrated to display tweets on your home screen with endless swatch themes to create or choose from. Twitter Features→ Get tweets via Home Timeline, User Timeline and #HashTag→ Refresh Rate, change refresh rate to update tweets displayed. 20, 40, 60 second intervals → Double Tap Action, double tapping displayed tweets lets you interact with Twitter. Current functionality lets you navigate to the Tweet via Twitter or the Embedded tweet link
Display Features→ TwitSwatch Themes→ 50+ fonts to choose from→ Color picker to set colors→ Stroke Font effect→ Text Shadow effect→ Long Shadow effect→ Toggle profile image
TwitSwatch LWP has been developed using the latest Twitter Fabric API to ensure you a seamless twitter experience. This LWP was also designed with high consideration for low-power consumption.
Shout outs♥ Color picker,♥ Michael Bonnell,♥♥ Jiří Sýkora,
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